José Gaitàn Addresses SEA

Guest speaker J...
Guest speaker José Gaitàn with SEA President Mayumi Nakamura and Ralph Bruksos At our October 14 luncheon, SEA welcomed José Gaitàn as a speaker. He spoke about the "Power of Pebbles".

As we heard, José had a upbringing that was dotted with incredible family challenges. He was able to rise above his situation through the benevolence of many individuals. It was their interest in caring that made a difference in his life.

He compared their caring to ripples in a pond. Each pebble of caring in his life rippled out and caused other ripples to develop to change his life. He asked Execs to cast out their own pebbles and see how the ripples make a difference in other’s lives.

Thank you Ralph Bruksos of Training Consultants Company for introducing José to Execs. All in the room with never forget his personal story and how important ripples are.