Welcome New President Kelly Cudworth

Welcome New President Kelly ...
Kelly Cudworth of NuLeaf Office Solutions addressed Seattle Execs on January 6 for the first time as President of the Association.

Here are some excerpts from his speech -

"When looking out in the room of so many past presidents and longtime members, I see individuals who have given time and energy to create and maintain such a strong and traditional organization that has now given so much to me and created so many opportunities for me personally and professionally."

"I’m asking all the members to “Step back up” and give just 10% more. If you haven’t been on a committee, attended an open house, sat with different members, or reached out to one or two members you don’t already know in their your own network in the past 6-12 months, [then do it now,] just put in 10% more."

"The 10% can be just recording leads, connecting with one or two new members a month, sitting with unique and different members."

"If we can move the activity needle of this group by just 2-3 clicks and 10% more, the amount of opportunity we will create and maintain alongside a very healthy and active market can create so much opportunity for all of us."