Ask a Pro Sales Tips

Ask a Pro Sales Tips
Seattle Execs hosted an informative seminar on March 8 on sales. Speakers included Dean Altaras of NAI Puget Sound Properties, Lisa Woodstock of Woodstock Media Group and Ralph Bruksos of Training Consultants Company.

Here are the top takeaways:
1. Learn what you are selling better
2. Don’t be indecisive. If you are indecisive, you will not be able to convince someone to be decisive.
3. Have a strong mentor in your life.
4. Seek that person whose insights and perspectives are relatable to you.
5. Do not have $$$ signs on your forehead
6. Learn how to share and cooperate with others in your salesforce
7. Be a good listener (very basic but super important) and let them talk.
8. Learn about what motivates them.
9. Be interested in them in their personal life and their business.
10. Work on the small deals. Always look at the big fish and elephants.
11. They are not long for your business.
12. Be responsive and attentive. Return calls. It is inexcusable not to! And stop texting!! Return emails and phone calls within 24 hours.
13. Treat your clients and prospect as if they are your family.
14. Learn how to say NO - it is very empowering.
15. Be pleasantly persistent! This is key...
16. Lunch and learns are good to do so do it!
17. Turnaround fast and you’ll turn around your competition
18. Make it their idea, not yours