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    Seattle, WA 98018
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    Melissa Bell

    Executive Director
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    Cheryl Serio


    The Seattle Executives Association is an exclusive network of key business executives whose primary goal is to work collectively to build their businesses.

    Through well-planned weekly luncheon meetings, Seattle Execs members become part of a close-knit community, focused on increasing member business.

    Members exchange information and share knowledge of current activities in the region. This advance information gives members the opportunity to react quickly to win new business.

    Access to Countless Resources
    Foremost is the opportunity to meet and establish business relationships with top decision makers from Seattle area firms in a wide variety of professions and industries. Members enjoy an ongoing exchange of business information with other key executives, and opportunities to form profitable business partnerships. Through weekly meetings and a focus on really getting to know and understand each others' businesses, you have more than 125 other top executives actively promoting your business on your behalf.

    A Coalition of Experienced Professionals
    Seattle Executives members benefit from the experience of other leaders within the Association. Annually, each member makes a presentation to the organization about his or her company's products or services - a process that provides invaluable information about each member's company.

    Rainier Industries
    Since joining the Seattle Executives Association in 1988, our business has grown significantly. Growing from 22 to 160 employees in that time period, we can attribute the success of our company directly to the support and strong business alliances we receive from the association. The professional and personal friendships will last a lifetime.
    Bruce Dickinson, Vice President

    Mc Donald Employment
    Execs is the largest professional business organization in Seattle. It is my opportunity to mix and mingle with the people who are connected to the people you WANT TO KNOW and DO BUSINESS WITH. It's not what you know but WHO you know to be successful in business.
    George Vestal, President

    Paratex Pest Control
    Through membership in Seattle Execs I have a personal contact with a key executive in many area businesses. I can pick up the phone, and within a few calls find out almost anything related to Puget Sound business.
    Jim Osborn, President


    How to Become a Member

    If you are interested in membership or simply want additional information, contact Melissa Bell, Executive Director. 206-35-3955 or
    We seek executives of companies located in the greater Seattle, Bellevue areas. Early startup companies are not eligible until they have experienced 2 years of successful business history.
    Most importantly, membership is available to only ONE company per classification.
    Review the list of OPEN CLASSIFICATIONS but membership is not limited specifically to this narrow list of openings. Call to see if your classification is open or to be added to our waiting list.
    Membership is by invitation only so contact us today to find out if you know a current member who can act as your sponsor.