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    Jim Conway

    Managing Partner

    American Solutions for Business (Seattle Office) is a full-service agency for custom branded merchandise. We strive to accomplish our customers' marketing, sales and advertising objectives by offering custom branded merchandise and creative marketing solutions.

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    Statement of Mission
    American Solutions for Business is a team of marketing professionals focused on creating value for our customers. We strive to establish win win partnerships and provide effective Solutions through industry knowledge, & innovation, while keeping full integrity and responsibility.


    Our goal for our clients is to find products that can meet all the objectives of a clients brand and promotion while offering the highest perception of value to the target audience.
    We accomplish this by forming strong partnerships with our factories and source of supply. We learn the strengths and weaknesses of our lines and find the right promotional solution that will meet the objectives of our clients event or promotion.

    American Solutions for Business pays attention to the small details. We strive to be responsive and offer the highest level of value in both our product and service offerings.

    Our account management staff offers over 350 years of combined experience in addressing and service clients needs. We stay in touch with our industry to find the latest and most creative products that are made around the globe. This enables us to follow industry trends and be first to the market with unique promotional solutions

    We represent over 1500 different factories and source of supply from around the world. Everything from major retail lines such as Sony, Panasonic, Bose, Apple / IPod, Nike & Adidas to Eco friendly products that improve our environment and support a company's Greening efforts.
    Representing factories in China, Mexico, Vietnam and other,so if the quanitites and time frame permits we can develop your unique designed product at the lowest costs in the industry.


    Jim can put together a program that in not only very effective to our clients and prospects, but keeps the program well with the budget limits that he is given.” Kent Brady - VP Financial Services Management Group

    Jim and his team are out-of-box thinkers and come up with creative marketing solutions that meet budget parameters. It is a pleasure to work with a group that is interested in meeting the client's needs versus their own.” Lisa Woodstock - Vice President On Hold Concepts

    Jim Conway and his team have been our "go-to" partner for all things promotional. They know their products and know exactly what clients want/need (that includes us as client and our clients). Their team go out of their way to find the best possible solution at the best possible price, and they always have creative and unique ideas to bring to the table
    Mirko Freguia - Copperfin Design & Marketing

    I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on several occasions. His commitment to learning his clients needs drives his success. I would highly recommend his services to company. Jim Green - Director of Sales Fleetronix

    Jim is very enthusiastic and creative when it comes to ideas within his industry. He always has a solution and a resource available to him to back up the idea. I would recommend Jim for your marketing products
    Pamela Quadros Harnish - VP- Advertising Sales Performer and Coach Titan Worldwide Advertsing

    Its rare to find a service provider who knows how to best deploy their service - and then provides that knowledge as part of the process. Jim does this without lengthy discussion of intellectual property or chest beating. Jim, and his staff, really do know how to improve the outcome of a sales event with a little planning, item selection and coordination. As I write this recommendtion, I am contracting with Jim to once again provide his expertise. Peter Frix - CEO Frix Tecnologies

    Jim is one of the finest vendors I have had in over 50 years in business...He does what he says he is going to do, and delivers value, every step of the way. He is very warm, pleasant and devoted to customer service, as is his team....One of the most professional persons I have ever dealt with. Ralph Bruksos - Training Consultants and Business Coach

    Jim and his team quickly became my top choice for promotional printing services. He's an expert in the industry, creative at solving deadline and scope challenges. Beth Engel - Acccount Director at DNA Brand Mechanics