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    Dan Bogart

    SVP, Commercial Division Director
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    Adrienne Tatge

    Vice President, Branch Manager
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    Lynell Smith

    VP Relationship Manager

    Banner Bank is a 127 year old Washington based community bank. As a community bank it provides a high level of service to its clients with experienced, knowledgeable bankers that can understand the goals and strategies of each client and help them be successful.

    We provide customized solutions for credit and treasury managment based on developing a deep knowledge of a business and it's strategies for success.

    We started working with Banner Bank when it was still Viking Bank in 2007. At the time we were looking for a more flexible banking relationship. Our business is somewhat unique and very difficult to benchmark against industry norms. This was a real problem for the “big box“ banks. Banner Bank has been outstanding and open-minded in every way. They are a critical partner for us. Having worked with banks in my business for more than 25 years, I can honestly say that I can’t imagine a better banking relationship!

    Owner & President

    Our company started its banking relationship working with Lynell Smith in 2009. We had bounced around many of the larger banks for years and had never been able to establish a relationship with a bank that understood our business and could consistently support our needs. When we found Banner Bank it was a breath of fresh air. Lynell has worked alongside us and supported our needs without exception. She understands our business model and its unique needs. When she advocates for us and she is in direct contact with the people who approve her decisions.

    I continue to enjoy the same working relationship with Lynell and the bank that I have always had and valued. Banner Bank is a key partner with our company and I look forward to it continuing for many years to come.

    Owner & President