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    Bruce Follansbee

    Principal Consultant

    Many Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) clients engage us because they find their companies’ wish lists are longer than their pants pockets are deep. At ERA we work with organizations that are already doing well in managing their direct expenses. We help clients find hidden cash-flow in their indirect expenses where two thirds of the time we identify 10% to 30% in savings.

    What sets Expense Reduction Analysts apart from other expense management firms?

    • Our work is focused on results. If we are unable to find savings there are no fees – period. Clients pay nothing and receive the benefit of a third party validation that the organization is doing well in the categories reviewed. Any recommendations we make for savings must be as good or better (in their eyes) than they are using today.

    • ERA Category Specialists have extensive supplier-industry knowledge of the categories they review and use benchmark data that tells us where to focus resources. Just as our clients’ employees focus on their respective businesses and industries, our Category Specialists conduct projects in their targeted expense categories week in and week out, across geographies and industries. This enables them to know where savings opportunities exist that go beyond what might be learned from an RFP.

    • We specialize in working with SMBs where it would typically be impractical to have specialists on staff for every indirect expense category.