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    Laurie Almoslino


    We create custom databases based on a detailed understanding of your unique business needs. We can also help clients update or re-design older databases to better meet new requirements. Most of our custom databases use Microsoft Access or SQL Server.

    Since 1993, our team has delivered custom solutions to over 150 clients including business, non-profits and government agencies throughout the USA.

    We make your data jump through hoops… so you don’t have to!

    Needs Analysis and Review of Current Systems
    • Free initial consultation
    • Detailed cost estimate
    • Analysis of existing systems

    Database Development
    • Create new systems
    • Data import
    • Reports & queries
    • Generate Word letters, Excel and Outlook files
    • Enhance existing systems

    Installation and training

    Remote and on-site support

    Seattle Diving

    None of our jobs are typical. We had a paperwork nightmare. We would spend 2-3 days every month – over $60k per year – just doing payroll. It was a nightmare. The excuse “Oh, we’re still processing payroll… can we pay you next week?” doesn’t float. If we said that, our divers would go to our competitors.

    We needed something reliable, dependable and flexible. PC Database Solutions was able to give us that, and without a lot of expense. It was fantastic. It seemed like they knew what we needed before we did.

    Our partnership with PC Database Solutions allows us to keep our divers. QuickBooks doesn’t do it… Peachtree doesn’t do it… ADP Payroll Services doesn’t do it. We can add all the paycodes we want. I love it. Our accountants love it. I can be creative again!

    Dan Dolson
    President/ CEO
    Seattle Diving

    Republic Parking

    What we sell is time and space. We issue in excess of 100 violations a day. PC Database Solutions enabled us to efficiently notify customers and follow through on collections. When we put the PC Database Solutions system in place, to our surprise we increased our revenues by over $10,000 per month. It was great for us and for our landlords, who shared in all the revenue we generated. It was pretty incredible…. it was nirvana!

    Gary Beck
    Owner & President
    Republic Parking

    Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

    PSMFC provides data to fisheries managers to help them make better decisions. It took 6-8 weeks for paperwork to move from the dock into our system. Our solution was to capture data electronically, so it could be available daily.

    PC Database Solutions has been a great contractor to work with, because they’re able to look at the big picture. We bounce ideas off each other and have very frank discussions about what’s the problem and where’s the solution. I look at PC Database Solutions as a partner rather than as a contractor.

    Dave Colpo
    Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission

    Construction Industry Training Council of Washington

    PC Database Solutions didn’t just come in and make the program and leave. They came in and are now a continual part of the CITC process, making sure the database is running smoothly, is giving us the information we need and that we can add or change information as we need to. They’ve never let us down…. they’re at the other end of the phone any time we need them.

    Diana Whitney
    Construction Industry Training Council of Washington