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    Ralph Bruksos


    Ralph serves as a consultant to business owners, managers and salespersons coaching them to become more proficient as a manager and leader and to increase profitable sales. He conducts sales seminars inside of companies and speaks to companies and organizations on the subject of change, "Turning Change Into A Payday" is also the title of his book.

    Management consulting and convention speaker,
    personal coach.
    Sales seminars/Management training seminars.
    "Turning Change Into A Payday" book.
    "Its OK To Sell", "Time Management" and
    "Goal Setting" cassette tapes.

    "Inspirational, very heart warming", "Love the way he uses real experiences to motivate the audience!", "Amazing man. I was very encouraged and I will implement what he taught me", "Totally awesome!" Excellent conclusion.", "Thank you for an outstanding job and well done!" - DEPARTMENT OF NAVY

    "As a fellow Seattle Exec member I just got through reading your book. It was interesting and it brought back a lot of memories. I did learn some new ideas which should help the company grow. Thank you" - JC

    "I get such inspiration in reading your book, every page is wonderful! I just keep reading it." - DG

    "What a magnificent book! I could not put it down!" - NC

    "Reading your book was just like being in your office and it made me miss you terribly." - KV

    "This is a must read for people confronting change in business or life." HJF

    "I just want you to know that so many have found strength in your book" - BG

    "Ralph walks the talk." - GD

    "Your ideas will make a difference in how our contractors deal with the changes we are experiencing." - MS

    "Your inspiring talk at the beginning of our management retreat set the stage for a very productive two days!" - HF