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    Sara Dellinger

    Advertising Director, Seattle Weekly
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    Stephen Barrett

    Director Regional & National Sales
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    Plain and simple, Sound Publishing's Stephen Barrett is competitive. Maybe it’s because he plays basketball every week. Or maybe it has to do with his Boston upbringing, big family and sibling rivalries. But more than likely, it’s just his natural drive and entrepreneurial spirit that make him an energetic leader. He makes it a point to cheerfully greet each of his coworkers every morning. When you talk to Stephen, be ready to answer four important questions:
    1. Where are we today?
    2. Where should we go?
    3. How do we get there?
    4. How are we doing along the way?
    Pick a target and hit it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    Pick a target audience around the Sound, we can hit it. Sound Publishing has over 1.4 million engaged readers in 49 newspapers and another 2.4 million unique visitors online in the Greater Seattle Area. We deliver news community by community in some of the oldest, most trusted newspapers in the State.

    Your target audience is just daring you to persuade them. We have multimedia solutions and creative teams that can help you bulldoze any objections standing in the way of making that happen.

    Visit to see how far (and close) our reach really is.

    "I have received 60% more coupons back from the readers of the Kent Reporter than I have from Val-Pak. The best bang for our buck of the six different advertising mediums we have tried. I wholeheartedly recommend a Kent Reporter ad to any business that wants to attract more customers."
    Mike Anderson, Pet Country

    "As time passes, I just think it's important, once again to make sure you know how appreciative we are for the wonderful job you and your team did for us! With very little notice, the folks at Sound Publishing stepped up and made it happen. Being able to print during the Olympic Games was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without you.
    I realize many "work arounds" had to take place in order to make this idea a reality. Well, you surpassed our expectations on all of them.
    I look forward to future opportunities as they arise."
    Warm regards,
    Doug Morrow
    Global Operations Director - Newspapers
    Financial Times, Ltd